Interview with Bahman Kalantari Dr. Bahman Kalantari discusses software he has developed through his research into polynomial root-finding.


The Rise of Polynomials: A polynomiograph of z3 - 1 coming to life through 3D animation (and music).

Valentine's Day Special A heart themed animated polynomiograph.


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More News: Visit Bahman Kalantari's personal home page to learn additional news and other information related to polynomiography.

New Book Announcement: "Polynomial Root-Finding and Polynomiography" by Bahman Kalantari.

Article: Polynomiography is featured in the April 2007 edition of Muy Intersante. Spain's popular science magazine.

Cover: A polynomiograph featured on the February 2007 cover of the Finnish science magazine Tiede.

Cover: Kalantari's Polynomiography on the cover of Princeton University Press Mathematics Catalog [pdf]

Cover: Kalantari's Polynomiography on the cover of Princeton University Press book Fearless Symmetry: Exposing the Hidden Patterns of Numbers.

Exhibit: Kalantari's Polynomiography artwork part of traveling art-math exhibit in France and Greece.

Bahman Kalantari

About Bahman Kalantari


Bahman Kalantari is Professor of Computer Science at Rutgers University. He is a Ph.D. in Computer Science, M.S. in Mathematics, M.S. in Operations Research, and B.S. in Mathematics and Physics.

Research Interests

His research interests lie in theory, algorithms, and applications and in a wide range of topics that include: Mathematical Programming and Matrix Scaling; Discrete and Combinatorial Optimization; Polynomial Root-Finding and Approximation Theory; and Polynomiography, a term he has coined for a novelty that is a by-product of his years of research into the fascinating and historic field of polynomial root-finding. Polynomiography is the fine art and science of visualization of the process of approximating roots of polynomial equations. Polynomiography has vast applications in art and design, math, science and education. Kalantari's Polynomiography has received numerous accolades, recognitions and praise from scientists, mathematicians, educators, artists, students, and the general public. Polynomiography results in an artistic, educational, and scientific tool, enjoyable by everyone including children who could use it to learn mathematical concepts through interactions with a Polynomiography software.


Dr. Kalantari has over seventy publications in a wide range of scientific, art-math and art-science journals such as: Association for Computing Machinery, Algorithmica, Contemporary Mathematics, SIAM Journal on Optimization, SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis, Mathematical Programming, Linear Algebra and its Application, Mathematics of Computation, Advances in Applied Mathematics, Computers & Graphics, Numerical Algorithms, Journal of the Operations Research, Computer Graphics Quarterly, Mathematics of Operations Research, Discrete Applied Mathematics, BIT, Networks, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, European Journal of Operations Research, Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, Information Processing Letters, Operations Research Letters, Naval Research Logistics Quarterly, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, LEONARDO, Mathematics & Design, Visual Mathematics. He is also authoring a book, ``Polynomial Root-Finding and Polynomiography" as a World Scientific publication to be released in 2008. He also holds a US patent (#6,894,705) for the technology of Polynomiography.

Kalantari's Polynomiography has received national and international recognition. Notable mention in New Jersey as well as national and international media include: the Star-Ledger, New Jersey Savvy Living Magazine, the Science News, DISCOVER Magazine, Tiede (popular science magazine of Finland), and Muy Interesante (popular magazine of Spain). Kalantari's artwork have been exhibited nationally and internationally in such venues as a traveling art-math exhibition initiated at the Henri Poincare Institute in Paris, traveling to other cities in France and in Greece; SIGGRAPH Art Gallery in Los Angeles, as well as at Rutgers and around New Jersey. His artwork have appeared on the cover of prestigious publications such as Computer Graphics Quarterly, Princeton University Press, proceedings of Isama-Bridges, Tiede, and more to come.

Conference Presentations and Invited Talks

Dr. Kalantari has delivered numerous lectures on polynomiography ranging from art, math, education, and computer graphics conferences, to middle and high schools in New Jersey, to invited international presentations in USA, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, and more to come. He will deliver several presentations in the near future including at Zimmerli Art Museum's one-day teacher workshop. Upon invitation he will continue to deliver national and international public lectures and presentations, ranging from an audience of K-12 teachers and students to university professors, artists and college students. With his collaborators he has plans to organize national and international workshops on Polynomiography.

Fall 2007