Interview with Bahman Kalantari Dr. Bahman Kalantari discusses software he has developed through his research into polynomial root-finding.


The Rise of Polynomials: A polynomiograph of z3 - 1 coming to life through 3D animation (and music).

Valentine's Day Special A heart themed animated polynomiograph.


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More News: Visit Bahman Kalantari's personal home page to learn additional news and other information related to polynomiography.

New Book Announcement: "Polynomial Root-Finding and Polynomiography" by Bahman Kalantari.

Article: Polynomiography is featured in the April 2007 edition of Muy Intersante. Spain's popular science magazine.

Cover: A polynomiograph featured on the February 2007 cover of the Finnish science magazine Tiede.

Cover: Kalantari's Polynomiography on the cover of Princeton University Press Mathematics Catalog [pdf]

Cover: Kalantari's Polynomiography on the cover of Princeton University Press book Fearless Symmetry: Exposing the Hidden Patterns of Numbers.

Exhibit: Kalantari's Polynomiography artwork part of traveling art-math exhibit in France and Greece.

About Polynomiography


Polynomiography software allows the creation of beautiful images by inputting numbers into a software.

Formally, polynomiography is the art and science of visualization in approximation of zeros of polynomials. This visualization is via fractal and non-fractal images created based on the mathematical convergence properties of iteration functions.

I have invented the name "polynomiography" as a combination of the word "polynomial" (a mathematical function defined as a linear combination of integral powers of a variable), and the suffix "graphy".

Informally, polynomiography stands for a certain graph of polynomials, but not in the usual sense of graphing, say a quadratic polynomial.

An individual image is defined to be a "polynomiograph".

The purpose of these pages is to display a small sample of the many images that I have created using a software for polynomiography. The underlying mathematical theory behind polynomiography is addressed in a PDF file. The interested reader may return to this web site from time to time for future announcements about polynomiography as well as information on exhibitions of images from my collection.

Bahman Kalantari (Sept. 19, 2000)
Department of Computer Science
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ 08903