Interview with Bahman Kalantari Dr. Bahman Kalantari discusses software he has developed through his research into polynomial root-finding.


The Rise of Polynomials: A polynomiograph of z3 - 1 coming to life through 3D animation (and music).

Valentine's Day Special A heart themed animated polynomiograph.


Store: Exclusive, original Polynomiography merchandise is now for sale! Visit the Polynomiography Store to get yours today!

More News: Visit Bahman Kalantari's personal home page to learn additional news and other information related to polynomiography.

New Book Announcement: "Polynomial Root-Finding and Polynomiography" by Bahman Kalantari.

Article: Polynomiography is featured in the April 2007 edition of Muy Intersante. Spain's popular science magazine.

Cover: A polynomiograph featured on the February 2007 cover of the Finnish science magazine Tiede.

Cover: Kalantari's Polynomiography on the cover of Princeton University Press Mathematics Catalog [pdf]

Cover: Kalantari's Polynomiography on the cover of Princeton University Press book Fearless Symmetry: Exposing the Hidden Patterns of Numbers.

Exhibit: Kalantari's Polynomiography artwork part of traveling art-math exhibit in France and Greece.

Upcoming Events

DIMACS Workshop on Algorithmic Mathematical Art: Special Cases and Their Applications

CoRE Building
Rutgers University

May 11-13, 2009
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Polynomiography and its demo software will be featured at the workshop.

This DIMACS workshop will be a three-day exploration focusing on some special cases of what may be characterized as algorithmic mathematical art and its applications. We wish to promote potential fusion between mathematics, computer science, art and visualization, leading to measurable consequences for various practitioners in mathematics, art, education, and sciences. Topics include mathematically-rooted, algorithmically-conducted approaches to computer graphics, visualization, painting, sculpturing, drawing, and other visual arts.

The workshop will include invited and contributed talks as well as hands-on activities. In particular, the participants will be introduced to Polynomiography and its software at a computer lab. There will be an informal exhibit area for display of artwork of the participants. We encourage participation of mathematicians, scientists, artist, and educators.

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